Holler at your Representative

Support Our #DebtFreeFuture #BeyondRecovery

We need #HomesForAll to #FlattenTheCurve. That's why we're putting pressure on our decision-makers at every level to enact our people's plan to ensure a healthy, stable, thriving future for us all.

Use this tool to send a message directly to your representatives, urging them to commit to the following campaign demands —

We want a future free from debt.

Cancel all rent, mortgage and utility payments and ensure no person or small business takes on new debt during this crisis.

We want a future with safe, dignified and cage-free shelter and sanctuary and homes for all.

  • Halt evictions, foreclosures, raids and sweets and to turn vacant units into safe homes & refuge for people experiencing homelessness
  • Ensure the well-being of those incarcerated or detained and the general public by releasing our people from cages.

We want a future where utilities vital to our personal and collective health are guaranteed.

Prohibit all utilities shut offs, rate increases and restore essential services to all households. We must guarantee water, electricity, gas, phone and internet essential to our health and well-being.

We want a future where our work is valued and protected.

The COVID-19 crisis is showing clearly who the most essential workers are in our world - and it’s not the CEOs and the 1%. It’s the teachers, the warehouse workers, the nurses, the domestic workers, the home health aides and service workers.

We must guarantee unemployment, sick-time and paid leave, health care, worker protections and a living-wage for all.

If you have time, share your own story about how this is affecting your life [in the first paragraph]. Together we can flood the inboxes of our representatives with powerful testimonies that demonstrate why we need to go #BeyondRecovery and guarantee #HomesForAll!