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Beyond Recovery

A people’s plan to ensure a healthy, stable, thriving future for us all.

Our homes, health, and collective safety and futures are on the line. Millions of us don’t know how we are going to pay our rent, mortgage, or utilities on May 1st, yet landlords and banks are expecting payment as if it’s business as usual. It’s not.

Join millions of us to fight for a future free from debt and to win a national suspension on rent, mortgage and utility payments!

Worried about paying your rent or mortgage?

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Join other renters, homeowners, and small business people in calling out our electeds to cancel rent and mortgages and guarantee homes for all!


Beyond Recovery is making news across the country. Check out just a few of the articles highlighting the stories of people organizing for homes for all.

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No one should go into debt because they are out of work due to a public health crisis.

Join us in fighting for a #DebtFreeFuture. It's time to #CancelRent, #CancelMortgages, and win #HomesForAll during the pandemic and beyond recovery.